We offer tailored advising and consulting services in business development, internationalization and innovation

Value Offer


  1. Transform dreams and business ideas into reality.
  2. Strengthen business and build capacity in companies to be profitable and sustainable.
  3. Work together to improve our client´s management capacity.
  4. Boost innovation, differentiation and business improvement.
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How we do it

We carry out a preliminary diagnosis to know our clients’ needs and requests. Then, through customized advising and consultancy and with friendly prices, we design a results oriented strategic plan focused on guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Services portfolio

Business Solutions

Business Development

We provide customized advice to make your company grow and strengthen in an organized, profitable and sustainable way.

Desarrollo Empresarial


  • Advice to make your entrepreneurship become a reality.
  • Advice on the creation of profitable and sustainable companies.
  • Formalization and incorporation.
  • Accompaniment and management in business, labor and product formalization.
  • Advisory for business growth and strengthening.
  • Preparation and implementation of projects focused on sustainability (social, economic and environmental).
  • Design and implementation of supplier development projects.
  • Business plans.
  • Market feasibility studies.



We advise your company to successfully reach foreign markets and take advantage of existing business opportunities beyond your country of origin.



  • Customized international trade assistance.
  • Export and import plans.
  • Market feasibility studies.
  • Business internationalization plans.
  • Advisory in international marketing.
  • Business opportunities identification.
  • One-on-one business matchmaking meetings and trade agendas.
  • Trade missions.
  • Advisory in engagement in global value chains.
  • Advisory in trade shows participation.
  • Identification of qualified partnerships.
  • Advisory in export and import requirements.
  • Advisory in voluntary and compulsory international standards and certifications.
  • Advisory in business opportunities in free trade agreements.
  • Advisory in international trade.
  • Advisory in accessing colombian and foreign markets.
  • Advisory in international mobility.
  • Foreign investment advisory - locating your business in Colombia and abroad.



We provide advice to make your company develop a culture of innovation, as well as innovative products or services that allow it to be competitive and differentiated in the market.

  • Advisory in innovation management.
  • Advisory in innovation culture development.
  • Advisory in the management of the development of innovative goods and services.
  • Advisory in the design and development of social innovation projects.

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